Three platforms, 400 artists, symphony orchestra, dance groups and music stars. The World Games Opening Ceremony will be an impressive start to the biggest multi-sport event of the year!

The Opening Ceremony takes place on 20 July at 7 p.m. in the Wroclaw Stadium and it will last for 2 hours.

In total, 270 tons of constructions will be built on the venue and 800 square meters of LED screens will be in use. Everything will be transported by over 300 people in 60 trucks.

Tickets for the Opening Ceremony are available on ebilet.pl and the prices start at 10 zloty (2.5 euro). The tickets for all The World Games 2017 competitions are also available on ebilet.pl.

Come and support our Muaythai Athletes!! Muaythai competition days are scheduled for 29-30 July 2017.