2211-wc-kazan-hg-on-red-chairIFMA athletes have gathered again to battle for a place at The World Games 2017 in Wroclaw, Poland. And we’re delighted Hansel and Gretel, the mascots for the 2017 Games have joined us once more!

They are now working with IFMA on our project to end violence against women in partnership with UN-Women under the #heforshe banner.

You maybe met them in Croatia at the European Championships when the intrepid duo tried out Muaythai for the first time? Well, this time we got them their own gloves, it took a while as obviously they had to be specially designed for these pint-sized athletes but they are ready to go.

Actually they were both so pleased with their gloves they wore them even to watch the Opening Ceremony yesterday!

2211-wc-kazan-g-watches-the-fightsThere are two rings as usual at this tournament, and Hansel asked if they could sit on the stage in the centre so they don’t miss a thing. They’re really looking forward to meeting the next 11 IFMA athletes who will visit them at their home in Wroclaw next year, he said. Not a problem, our helpful Technical Director arranged two red leather chairs – very high chairs so they can see everything.

Gretel said they are looking forward to doing some training on the Rest Day when our trainers will have time to work with them. If you saw them training in Croatia, you’ll know they are fast learners!

And of course they will accompany the IFMA athletes on cultural visits later in the week. Check back here for updates on Hansel and Gretel’s Kazan adventures!

If you missed the World Games mascots in Croatia, read all about it here. And learn more about The World Games here.


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