Half way to the opening of the World Games 2021 in Birmingham IFMA recollects the divisions and heroes of the previous edition of the Games in Poland.

It’s more than two years ago that Muaythai athletes debuted in the games adding some tunes to the official competition venue. It was a truly spectacular event as the world’s most known names entered the Muaythai competition to participate in one of the biggest multi sport events.

Each division and each bout was an event in itself. One of the brightest rivalries of the Games was the female 54 kg division where Sofia Olofsson (SWE) triumphed winning Valeriya Drozdova (RUS).

Each name on the list could be the winner and it was Sweden which the gold medal of the World Games 2017 traveled to.

The fight list saw the Chair of IFMA Athlete Commission Janice Lyn competing against the Turkish Meltem Bas with Meltem advancing to the quarterfinals. The other pair of the bracket consisted of the finalist Valeria Drozdova who outcompeted the French champion Juliette Lacroix.

Social Olofsson was moving towards the final through Maria Lobo (POR) and Tristana Tola (PER). Both bouts were worth a final but there could be only one, and it was Drozdova and Olofsson who had to decide in the ring who will walk toward the highest step of the awarding podium.

It was a truly amazing division with spectators having tears on their eyes seeing amazing athletes leaving the competition.

The race for the spots at the World Games 2021 has already started and Minsk is the next stop where athletes can claim their right to represent their country in Birmingham.