The World Championship of 2016 was the biggest muaythai event of the year. The special importance of the Jonkoping tournament was added by the fact that it was the official qualifier for the World Games 2017 kicking off shortly in Wroclaw, Poland. For many accomplished athletes it was a chance to join one of the world biggest multisport forums, and for young athletes a challenge to take their place alongside the sport elite.

In the lowest female weight division of the World Games 51 kg Moroccan Mireim El Moubarik gave all martial arts followersof her country a reason to tune in to the World Games Channel. Mireim is now a hero in her country Morocco as well as across Africa.

The 54 kg men’s division spot was taken by Pranom Seung-Negeon from Thailand who will be represnting his country in the World Games

54 kg Natalia Diachkova came second after Sofia in the female division. This was the second victory for Sofia in the World Games qualifier.



In the 57 kg, Thai Wiwat Khamtha beat Konstantin Trishynand and will be heading to the World Games qualifier in Croatia. Though it was a very close fight Wiwat made referees see his advantage against the Ukrainian counterpart.


In the 60 kg division Israeli Nili Block won the spot for TWG 2017 after having no chances meeting Valentina Shevchenko at the Royal World Cup 2015. All the world muaythai society is looking forward now to the World Games to see the rematch between these outstanding athletes.

In the 63.5 kg Igor Liubchencko again proved that he is currently best in his weight division leaving no chances to his Thai competitors last year at the King’s birthday. In Sweden Vladimir Kuzmin from Russia also came second but could enjoy qualification to join Igor’s weight division for Wroclaw.


In the 67 kg division, Russian Magomed Zaynkuv again won the gold medal and this time it was the Thai athlete who was lucky enough to qualify for the World Games from second place.
The 71 kg division allowed all of Thailand to follow their superstar Suppachai Meunsang at the World Games 2017 after his win in Jonkoping.
In the 75kg division Belarus Vitaly Hurkou scored a victory over Thai champion Ekkaphan Somboonsab.

Dzimitry Valent in the 81kg division will be joining his countrymen to enforce Belarus presence in the Wroclaw Games.


The 91 kg spot was filled by a Ukrainian Oleh Pryimachov.

IFMA is coming close to filling all the spots of the World Games and for runners up there are still chances to enter the World Games with qualifiers in Split, Croatia and Kazan, Russia.