IFMA’s highest priority has always been the youth as it is the source of energy and main engine for IFMA to excel in its work to make sure that new generations of athletes have opportunities to achieve more in sport and in life.
Every youth muaythai event from regional kids work-out to the Youth World Championships is based on friendly atmosphere, showing respect to your peers, girls and boys, and awareness for fair treatment for all in society, environment and at all levels of life which is a key point in climbing the steps of awarding podium.

The Czech Muaythai Association, which was fully recognised by the Czech Olympic Committee early this year, has been truly inspired by the Olympic values, and the Sport Days in the Czech republic saw Czech muaythai kids showing all the beauty of the sport. The president of the Czech Muaythai Association, Mr. Petr Ottich himself changed his suite to shorts and joined the demonstration of the art of eight limbs in from of the audience who came to support their friends and simply enjoy the festival of sport.


Mr. Ottich say “our aim is to give the kids a feeling of achieving something big through efforts they enjoy and let them understand that in sport you yourself set the limits. Such events are very important both for our athletes to demonstrate what they achieve, and for the audience to be inspired by and proud of their age counterparts.