Muaythai under IFMA has truly gained worldwide recognition, respect, and excellence in the world of sports. Many dignitaries have congratulated IFMA on the FISU-patronized Muaythai University World Cup, such as the Privy Councilor of His Majesty the King, the Prime Minister of Thailand, Minister of Education, Minister of Tourism and Sport, President of the National Olympic Committee of Thailand, President of the World Muaythai Council, President of FISU, IOC Executive Board Member, President of the Association of NOCs and Olympic Committee of Asia, President of SportAccord, President of the World Games, Prime Minister of Kazakhstan, Director General of the Department of Physical Education, CEO of FISU, President of the University Sports Board of Thailand, UN Women, and many others.

Thank you to all the dignitaries, and thank you to all our partners in the Olympic and sporting family. We promise you that we will continue on our five pillars: respect, honour, tradition, excellence, and fair play.