January 16, 2013 News

The Road to Saint Petersburg has begun

There are only 9 months to go until the supreme martial arts event which brings together the elite martial artists of the world’s combat sports. The 1st edition of the World Combat held in Beijing in 2010, under the patronage of the IOC, was a major success for combat sports and the promotion of martial arts and cultural exchange.

Saint Petersburg will hold the 2nd edition of the World Combat Games from October 18th-26th, this time bringing together the 15 Olympic and non-Olympic world recognized combat sports, with Olympic fencing the latest addition to the games.

Muaythai was one of the outstanding participants in 2010, on both the cultural and sporting side. For the 2013 games, once again the elite of the elite will be facing off in eleven weight divisions.

The qualification process has already begun, and on all five continents, events are already being held or are scheduled to take place. Negotiations with a major broadcaster are in place to air eight episodes, as a build up to the games, not only promoting Muaythai, but also the other 14 participating combat brothers and sisters, the city of Saint Petersburg, and SportAccord as a whole.

Stay tuned for the weekly update and let the journey on the road to Saint Petersburg begin. May the best athletes earn their tickets to this elite event.

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