The muaythai Asian Championships kick off in Macau this week, with for the first time an team from the Oceania region joining the event.

Last year an historic MoU was signed between the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) and the Oceania National Olympic Committees (ONOC) for all sports to participate in Asian competitions.

This is the first time the Oceania Muaythai Federation has been able to benefit from this arrangement.

President of the Oceania Muaythai Federation Sue Glassey, who also sits on the IFMA Executive Board, said this is an exciting opportunity for the athletes to have another chance to compete on the world stage. She said it’s positive to see diplomatic relationships expand to  become real friendship and allow for young people to experience other cultures in this way.

Among the Australian contingent in Macau representing Australia Muaythai are former world bronze medalist Yolanda Schmidt, and also Lee Fook in the male division. Both athletes are well-known at IFMA tournaments, both at home and abroad.

Ms Glassey said Yolanda is also the chair of the Oceania Athletes Commission so it’s great for athletes from the region to see her compete in Macau. She also noted that Lee has represented Australia many times at previous IFMA events, and trains with the secretary general for Muaythai Australia Mr Anthony Manning.

In April 2019 Asian federations will participate in the Arafura Games 2019  – another exciting chance for young athletes to compete against each other in sport, and make enduring friendships.

Learn more about the Oceania Muaythai Federation.

All weight categories are being published today and tomorrow – as the teams check in  – on the IFMA scoring platform IFMA Live.  Results will be available daily on this platform.

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