Muaythai has a saying, “The only time we look down on someone, is when we reach out to help them back on their feet.” True muaythai ambassadors are not recognized for their belts, but rather for their qualities on and off the field of play. The Gordon Brothers Kibedy, Ruach and Ahavat are the perfect example. They are known for their true sportsmanship, champions from an early age and continue their journey towards excellence while at the same time, giving back to the community to showcase the true spirit of muaythai.

They have been champions at IFMA European and World Championships, have won prestigious awards such as Best Athlete of the Year and have participated in events around the world including the prestigious Kings Cup in Thailand.

The motto of these young nak muays is simple, “We rise by lifting others” and their personality and certainly world class skills have gained them fans all over the world. In the off season and in their spare time, they are always a part of the community projects which is well appreciated by the IFMA Family and even more so, by the communities they help.’

While the older brother Kibedy is now a professional MMA fighter, his younger brothers, Ruach and Ahavat continue to make their country proud, wearing their national track suits and winning medals at IFMA World Championships and IOC recognized games while making a name for themselves in Thailand’s most prestigious muaythai stadiums such as Omnoi and Rajadamnern Stadium and this Saturday, Ahavat and Ruach make their debut together on one of Bangkok’s most exciting fight promotions, RWS at Rajadamnern Stadium on the main card.

IFMA would like to wish them good luck and say “Khob Khun Khaa/Khrap” on behalf of the ones which have received.