The Supreme Court of Thailand made a final ruling this week in the dispute of the two rival muaythai associations of Thailand. IFMA is happy to say that their member association, AMTAT, has won the battle and is the only association in Thailand recognised. IFMA has always been in full support and now only AMTAT, IFMA’s member, can send athletes to international events such as SEA Games or Indoor Asian Games. Of course, AMTAT already has IFMA’s permission to send teams to IFMA recognised games such as TAFISA, ARAFURA, SportAccord Combat Games – these games all under patronage of the IOC.

IFMA is a member of SportAccord and also recognised by the OCA. This court ruling will also bring to an end the dispute in Asia, as the now unrecognised Thai association had previously tried to set up a rival organisation to the already IFMA recognised Asian Federation FAMA. IFMA is very happy with this final decision, as certainly the motherland plays an important role in the organisation. The Royal Thai Government has already pledged full support to IFMA in their upcoming campaign to take muaythai towards IOC recognition.