“Each and every animal on earth has as much right to be here, as you and me”

– Anthony Douglas Williams

The Mascot Competition has become an iconic part of each of the championships, year after year in IFMA, with the aim to bring to light environmental issues and raise awareness for the symbolic animals of the host country or city.

The impact of our awareness raising for the Orangutang in Langkawi at our 2014 World Championships was insurmountable, the Orangutan, the symbol of the island was made the symbol of the event. The choice of the logo was a result of a contest amongst children ages 3-8, whose designs were inspired by the animal. The contest was a collaboration with the WWF in a national campaign to promote sustainability across the event and to raise awareness on the rare species of apes in Asia.

Similarly the mascot competition of the Wolverine in our 2016 World Championships in Jonkoping Sweden, resulted in incredible awareness raising for the curious and magnificent animal. 

This year, with Bangkok as the host of our Youth World Championships, the submissions have rolled in from all over the globe, with incredible creativity directed towards the symbolic animals of Thailand. 

With great difficulty, we have narrowed the numerous submissions down to the top two artists:

Dominic Tabor from Czech Republic and Ognjen Lazarević from Slovenia

Special mention to our youngest artist, 7 year old, Teekawin Sangiam 

Thank you for all your submissions and creativity, IFMA is proud to have so much talent and vision without our youth. As the drumroll continues, the winner of our Mascot Competition this year will be announced on July 26th!!!