Day 3 of the 2023 Senior European Championships and Antalya International Open Cup was a flurry of adrenaline and cultural immersion. The day was packed with a total of 63 bouts, 24 from the European Championships and an impressive 39 from the Antalya Open Cup. The passion and determination of each competitor were palpable, making every match a spectacle in itself.

The Antalya Open Cup commenced with the cultural disciplines of Wai Kru & Mai Muay, led by the enthusiastic Turkish youth. Dressed in traditional attire, they performed with grace and precision, their movements reflecting the profound cultural heritage of muaythai. This was not just a performance, but a testament to their deeply rooted respect for the sport and its cultural significance. The young competitors affirmed that the future of muaythai and its rich traditions rests safe and secure in their dedicated hands. Their unflinching commitment to preserving this heritage served as a captivating prelude to the thrilling bouts that followed.

As the day progressed, a special appearance by Thai Master Ajarn Anan in the ring added an extra layer of excitement to the event. He led a clinic for the young competitors, imparting his vast knowledge and experience in the world of muaythai. This edifying session was aimed at improving the participants’ performances, focusing on refining their techniques and perfecting their postures. Under the watchful eye of Master Ajarn Anan, the young athletes trained zealously, their faces reflecting a blend of concentration and reverence for the master’s teachings. The invaluable lessons they learned during this clinic are sure to enhance their future performances. In this respect, the organizers wish to express their profound gratitude to the National Sports Development Fund of Thailand for their support, without which this enriching experience would not have been possible.

The competition of the Antalya International Open intensified with the 16-17 Male Youth -75kg division, where Lebanon’s Omar Ayache came out on top against Turkey’s Mert Demir, securing his place in the semi-finals. The action did not stop there. In the U23 Male Under23 -63.5kg division, Nassim Ben Faleh from France emerged victorious over Mohamad Atieh from Lebanon, earning his spot in the semi-finals. Zikriya Barati from the Refugee Team also made a mark by defeating Tunahan Yasin Yağcı from Turkey in the very same division.

The Open Cup culminated with 33 gripping final matches, after which the finalists ascended to the podium for the first medal ceremonies of the event. A wave of anticipation swept across the participants and audience alike, each eager to see who would be awarded the coveted medals and stand atop the podium.

The Senior European Championships held in ring A continued to dazzle spectators with its high-octane action. In the S Female Elite -75kg division, the Croatian powerhouse Helena Jurišić triumphed over Italy’s Daniela Melluccio in a hotly contested semi-final match. Meanwhile, Ukraine’s Oleksandr Yefimenko left fans and competitors alike in awe when he achieved an early stoppage victory over Turkey’s Fatihcan Guncu in the S Male Elite -71kg division. The S Female Elite -63,5kg division saw an outstanding first-round stoppage by Czech Republic’s Tereza Štechová, who dominated against Neutral Athlete Elizaveta Karartynian. The S Female Elite -48kg division was graced with Jovena Penol from Finland outperforming Charissa Marx from the Netherlands, firmly securing her spot in the finals.

For ongoing updates and live results from the Senior European Championships, please visit the official IFMA site here. Similarly, you can follow the Antalya International Open Cup live results by visiting this link. Stay tuned to these platforms for real-time updates and to witness the exemplary skill and dedication of these athletes.