As Muaythai competition of the 2019 Chungju World Martial Arts Masterships came to an end IFMA would like to say thank you to Korea and everyone involved in making this event a bright celebration of sport.

Beyond the Times, Bridge the World is the Motto of the event and Muaythai combatants from America, Oceania, Africa, and Europe truly built so many bridges discovering the beautiful countries through sport, and the memory of the event will definitely stay beyond times for everyone who has been part of it.
It was an emotional moment when athletes approached the Governor of the Chungju Region personally thanking him for the opportunity to be part of this event and join the other 19 martial arts where athletes can meet, network, share experience and make friends across sports and disciplines.

IFMA thanks to everyone who was behind the success of this event: Prime Minister of the Republic of South Korea Lee Nak-yeon, the Mayor of Chungju City Gil Hyeung Cho, the Governor of Chungjcheongbuk-do Province Si jong Lee. Special thanks should go to the Korean Muaythai Federation led by the IFMA Honorary Life Vice President Yeo Kyu Tae.
His Excellency the 8th Secretary General of the United Nations Ki Moon Ban again demonstrated with his own example that sport can the powerful tool to bring peace, harmony and prosperity to nations.


IFMA thanks all the volunteers who were an important link between teams and organising committee. Korea can definitely be presented to the world as the country of the warmest hospitality.
These games have been extraordinary and we thank all the officials that ensured fair play, and the also must appreciation must be given to the organisers and the host country for all efforts and hard work that made 2019 Chungju World Martial Arts Masterships such a memorable event.