The Australia Muaythai Federation MTA, the Northern Territory Muaythai Association, and IFMA joined forces for the 2024 Thailand Grand Cup given out by the Royal Thai Embassy in which there were amazing contests with the presenters dressed in beautiful muaythai attire.

The Main event the Thai Grand Cup was Western Australian athlete Emmanuel Basiliote against NT,s own Jackson Miller and what a contest it was, Western Australia Emmanuel came out on top much to the delight of the enthusiastic crowd and taking this year’s Thai Grand Cup Winners Title.

The main event was all about the youth promoting the next generation for the Thai Grand Cup Youth Champion and it was Malaysian youth champion Puteri Izwandi versus Australia youth champion and IFMA medal winner Skyla Chatterton.

This contest had so much build-up in the promotion of gender equality with both major newspapers and stations reporting. Both female warriors showed everyone why female muaythai bouts have become as popular or in more ways more popular than their male counterparts.

Both athletes showcased the full arsenal of the 8 weapons with Skyla taking the win 2024 Youth Champion and both athletes received a standing ovation. This was another fantastic promotion for muaythai in Oceania with cooperation with the Royal Thai Embassy, the Northern Territory Muaythai Association, the sole recognsied muaythai federation in Australia (MTA) and certainly IFMA, the world governing body.

A special thank you must go to Northern Territory Muay Thai Associations Tom Boyle and Corey Impelmans for organising the event and the continued effort to promote muaythai both nationally and internationally.