Muaythai took centre stage in Turkey for ten days celebrating 60 years of the diplomatic relationships with the Kingdom of Thailand. Muaythai toured the country in its various arts and forms through Istanbul, Izmir, Adana, Ankara having performances of IFMA disciplines like Muay Boran, Muay Aerobics, and of course, some exhilarating competitive Muaythai bouts which were a treat for both Turkish and Thai diplomatic missions. Various activities took place from 18 and 28 September where coaches, referees, and Muaythai instructors held courses and seminars in the largest cities in Turkey.
Ambassador of Thailand to Turkey Mrs. Phantipha Iamsudha Ekarohit was one of the honorary guests of the event in Ankara organised by the Turkish Muaythai Federation as well as hundreds of sports fans gathering in every city to see the performances.

Events saw distinguished guests from Thai Diplomatic Missions Mr.Borwomchaiyos Monkholdej, Mr.Wittawat Kasom (Kru Din), Mr.Anusom Injai and Mr.Thanakom Buathet, Mr. Anut welcomed by the governors of the host cities, mayors, heads of youth centers. The Turkish Muaythai Federation was represented by the Vice President Hasan Yildiz, Associate Vice President in of Education Dr. Aydin Senturk, Turkey National Team coach and director Yilmaz Ceken.

The President of the Turkish Muaythai Federation Mr. Halil Durna was one of the main figures of the celebration representing Turkish Muaythai of the present time. Mr. Durna welcomed the Ambassador Ekarohit again and ensured that the motherland of his sport will always have a special place in Turkey.