Hundreds of year old traditions came alive on December 5th at the WMC and IFMA King Rama 9 Memorial Muaythai Tournament when over 200 leading masters from all Muaythai styles male and female from all regions of Thailand came together in a very special ceremony.

Grom Tanai Luek have always been the guards of masters protecting King and country and they all came together to show their respect to the beloved King Bhumibol Adulyadej Rama the 9th who sadly passed away on October 13th and also swore their allegiance to the new King His Majesty Rama the 10th. The parade and oath was lead by IFMA President Doctor Sakchye Tapsuwan and WMC president General Chetta Thanajaro and representing the international muaythai community Stephan Fox.

It was a very emotional event and has not been done for a long time and every respected and recognised master was present at this special ceremony. All the masters also wished IFMA good luck in the IOC recognition and their prayers came through a day later as Muaythai got recognised by the IOC. IFMA will continue to work closely with all the Thai masters and the Muaythai teachers from all IFMA member countries to promote the cultural values of Muaythai and protect ancient values and traditions and the Olympic values.