Our Technical Tuesday article for this week focuses on the next defensive technique called “Paksa Weak Rang” strategy, or “Bird Peeping Through the Nest.” This is one of the strategies used in defending a punch. It is one of the basic strategies the fighter uses to evade out of the attacking range of the opponent so that the fighter can apply other countering strategies afterwards.

Basically, this strategy is used while the two opponents are in the clinch, which is also the fundamental technique enabling boxers to practice further strategies. Let’s take a closer look how you could perform “Paksa Waeg Rang” correctly and understand more about the sense and art of Muaythai.

As the attacker steps forward with right punch throwing directly at your face and the left hand guarding steadily, you should step with the right foot diagonally forward to the right side and at the same time shift your weight to your right foot. Then, use your left hand to parry the attacking punch and, immediately, strike back with the straight forward punch.


If the opponent approaches with the left punch, then, defend the attack with the opposite side of your body.

So now that you know one more defending technique of Mauythai, try practicing it and see how Paksa Waeg Rang helps you develop your defending skill!

Winning isn’t everything, but wanting to win is. –Vince Lombardi