As the sun rose over the shimmering coastline of Antalya, anticipation filled the air. Delegations from across the continent, approximately 30 in total, descended upon this Mediterranean paradise for the 2023 European Senior Championships & Antalya Open Cup. The teams arrived, brimming with a vibrant mix of determination, excitement, and focus, a testament to the significance of the upcoming competition. From the moment their feet touched the warm, sun-baked tarmac, athletes from all corners of Europe could feel the energy pulsing through the city. As they filed out of their planes and coaches, the buzz was palpable, their uniforms standing out like a colourful patchwork against the city’s historical backdrop. The championships were no longer a distant date on the calendar; the time for action had arrived. While athletes prepared to pit their skills against each other, the city of Antalya donned the cloak of the gracious host, ready to write another glorious chapter in the annals of European sports history.

In an auditorium humming with anticipation, the first official gathering of the competition took place – the Team Managers meeting. This crucial meeting was expertly conducted by the esteemed Technical Delegate, Dr. Erdogan Aydin. His experience and acute understanding of the competition’s complexities set the tone for a thorough and efficient briefing. In a show of unity and sportsmanship, welcome messages were delivered by the President of the Turkish Muaythai Federation, representing the Organising Committee, and by IFMA Director General Charissa Tynan. Their words, instilling a sense of camaraderie and shared ambition among the teams. The climax of the meeting was the revelation of the draw. As the matchups were unveiled, each team got a glimpse of their combat journey, each path unique and filled with potential triumphs and challenges. The reality of the competition ahead sunk in, making the atmosphere electric with anticipation.

Follow the results and draw here:

Today marks the commencement of the athletic action, with bouts set to begin in two rings immediately following the Opening Ceremony at the Antalya Sports Hall. The atmosphere is electric as athletes warm up, coaches offer final words of advice, and spectators find their seats, all under the grand dome of the Sports Hall. Anticipation is at its zenith, and the air is thick with the promise of fierce competition and extraordinary performances. As we stand on the precipice of these Championships, we extend our best wishes to all competitors. Here’s to the start of an unforgettable tournament!