Day 1 of The World Games 2022 – Nak Muay Bring Down the House!

Birmingham was on fire for the first day of the Muaythai competition seeing the best of the best Nak Muay from 32 countries with full gender equality, opening with the female competitions with every fight being good enough to be gold medal bouts. Team USA was supported by a large home team audience and Janet […]

The Future of Muaythai is Safe

The first day of the competition showcased that Muaythai is more than safe with the next generation, as  the competing youngtsters showed skills far beyond their years and performed the cultural side of the sport with excellence.

September 7 – Opening Day of World Championships: A Massive Hit

Jubiliee (Yubileiyny) Stadium has come alive for what Russia has been awaiting for many years: the IFMA World Championships. The event, which is a test event and qualifier for the 2013 SportAccord World Combat Games, has brought the crème de la crème to Saint Petersburg this year. The best of the best in Muaythai have […]

DAY 1 – IFMA World Championships 2011

The first day of the Uzbekistan’s IFMA World Championships was an extremely busy one. 75 countries have arrived in Tashkent in the past couple of days and have all been transported to their 4* hotels. All officials, Presidents and VIPs are transported in style with their own drivers and interpreters to facilitate the smooth running […]