Birmingham was on fire for the first day of the Muaythai competition seeing the best of the best Nak Muay from 32 countries with full gender equality, opening with the female competitions with every fight being good enough to be gold medal bouts.

Team USA was supported by a large home team audience and Janet Garcia Bobon showcased that America is here to prove to the world why USA is one of the top countries in Muaythai beating Tessa Kakkonen from Finland in the opening fight setting up her semi final spot joined by Spain, Canada and Ukraine.

In the 51kg female division, it started with the rematch from the world championship with Merieme Elmoubarik from Morocco beating Thai champion Wansawang Srila Or. The Moroccan will be joined by Poland, Austria and Slovakia in the semifinal.

In the 54kg kg female division USA once again displayed superb form, beating Czech Republic, Italy beating Canada and Mexico beating Germany, setting up the semi-final matches between Australia, USA, Italy and Mexico.

In the 57 kg female division, it was the day of the superstars with world champion Iman Barlow from Great Britain, booking her place in the semis. The second quarter final bout saw Patricia Axling versus Anaelle Angerville with Patricia showcasing outstanding performance setting up her semi-final fight with the Brit which will be a showstopper between the world’s best two females in this division. The second semi-final match will see USA vs. Hong Kong.

The 60kg division female saw superstar Nili Block booking her place in the semi-final flawlessly against Niamh Charlotte from Great Britain and the second semi-final with USA vs Hungary.

In the 63.5kg female division was Thailand vs Philippines and one of the matches of the day with Thailand winning by 1 point setting up the semi-final against France and the second semifinal with Australia and USA.

The male division was another exciting match to watch.

Jordan silenced the audience with a stunning performance and a massive spinning back elbow against USA. Kazakhstan defeated EMR and SEA Games Champion, Nguyen Tran Duy, from Vietnam beat Portugal, the world champion from the Philippines lost against European champion from Ukraine and Kazakhstan beat EMR.

In the 60kg male division, the Asian champion from UAE, Nouredine Samir, beat Italy. Thailand won against Slovakia setting up the semi-final with UAE vs Thailand. USA beat Korea with an onslaught of elbows and superstar Igor Liubchenko beats Kazakhstan securing an exciting semi-final match with USA vs Ukraine.

The 67kg male division was another amazing division with the main fight with Greece versus Thai superstar and world champion, Anueng Khattham, and the European champion beating USA. The semifinal with see UAE versus Morocco and the fight who everyone is waiting for Hungary vs Thailand.

71kg male division will see the semi-final of USA vs Ukraine and Morocco vs Thailand.

In the 81 kg male division, the semifinals will see Mexico vs Portugal and the rematch of World Champion of Ilyass Hbibali from UAE versus Aaron Ortiz from USA.

The 91 kg division saw the biggest upset when Matt Baker from USA eliminated the European

Champion Jakub Klauda from Czech Republic for the upset of the day setting up the match against current world champion from Poland. The other semifinal match will see France and Ukraine

An amazing day of Muaythai.

Get ready for the semifinals!