The World Championships 2016 has been rich for sensational results with representatives of many countries winning in a very close figths against the renowned athletes. Many surprises have been prepared for Thai superstars in the field of play.

Swedish female athletes made a significant contribution into the overall team result bringing the Swedish team to the top five teams of the championships.

Sofia Olofsson, Patricia Axling, Beata Malecki, Anna Strandberg became a true pride for the Swedish team and swedish sport, and celebrities on Swedish TV and more than 2 millions of viewers all around Sweden were part of main muaythai event of 2016.

The universality of muaythai took a new dimension appealing to the youth, female and male athletes, people with all abilities; for all of them muaythai has an appeal as an active sport, culture, tradition, and is an excellent vehicle to teach respect, honour, fair play, tradition excellence.

IFMA again congratulates Swedish female athletes who have brought medals of the highest value to Sweden and the Swedish team on top of the medal chart. 13268293_241801339525327_4723170342261626058_o