Implementing agenda 2020 requires a close relationship between the International Olympic Committee the recognised and the non-IOC recognised sports federations .This has been  expressed at the first joint IOC/AIMS workshop, held in Lausanne, the Olympic Capital. The meeting was chaired by Kit McConnell, the IOC Sports Director.The meeting was opened by IOC Director General, Christophe de Kepper, welcoming all the 23 AIMS member federations and Raphael Chiulli, the ARISF President, outlining the importance of cooperation between AIMS and the IOC, the important meetings which took place in the build up to this meeting between IOC President, Dr. Thomas Bach, AIMS President, Stephan Fox, the IOC Sports Department, Kit McConnell and himself. Building a better world through sport is the main focus in the vision of Olympism which is a philosophy of life to play sport at the service of human kind.

Stephan Fox, AIMS President, thanked the IOC for inviting the 23 recognised international federations to the IOC headquarter organising this historical and important meeting. He stated that it was a historical day for AIMS and all AIMS sports, a significant step towards an important relationship with the IOC and the Olympic movement. He spoke of how the cooperation between the IOC and AIMS is vital for the overall development of all sports that follow principles of good governance and ethics. Mr. Fox said that the implementation of agenda 2020 and the cooperation between AIMS and IOC is beneficial for all AIMS sports but most importantly the athletes.


Kit McConnell welcomed representatives of all the 23 IFS, AIMS and the ARISF President, and reinforced the importance of a close relationship between the international federations and the IOC. He further noted that agenda 2020 provides a greater opportunity for engagement and an establishment of a strong relationship. He then made a presentation on the implementation of the agenda 2020, the available services to the AIMS members and updated on the IOC recognition process for the international federations.

Federico de Mojana di Cologna made the presentation on the Olympic Channel set to be launched in 2016.The Olympic Channel which is currently being built up in Madrid with around 120 employees will show a mixture of live sports, stories about athletes and volunteers, news and background information.

It was a historical moment when IOC President Thomas Bach welcomed each member of the delegation in person and took time for some discussions with the representatives of the 23 AIMS member federations.



The group photo shoot to end the meeting was a indeed a moment that will linger fondly in the minds of all AIMS member IF representatives.