On behalf of the IFMA Family we would like to share our concern and best wishes to everyone affected by the global Covid 19. The Corona Virus does not know boarders, religions or nationalities. The world is suffering and we are all affected by this pandemic. We must stand in solidarity and unity against the pandemic. Now, more than ever we must foster and promote the Olympic values of respect and friendship and as President Bach recently said the “THE OLYMPIC FLAME CAN BECOME THE LIGHT AT THE END OF THIS DARK TUNNEL”.

More than ever now our athletes are connected through the use of digital platforms and channels. Where they are inviting each other, through social distancing and through their living rooms to exercise together and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Through discipline and following the guidance and advise of our Governments and the WHO.  We will overcome this pandemic.

With the help of the frontline healthcare workers and science, we will overcome this crisis and will again be united more than ever before. We must especially thank and express our appreciation to all the medical staff, the ‘modern day heroes’ for their commitment and resilience. We, the world of sport must continue to stand as one.

This week for many is a festive season, we may not be able to celebrate or hug each other but no doubt very soon we all will meet again on the field of play enjoying our athletes and our friendship.

IFMA wishes you all good health and happiness and for many, a festive season with Easter, Songkran and Passover.