The Royal Thai Government was proud to be part of the 2022 World Games in Birmingham, supporting the athletes from the various sports participating.

Muaythai and Ju-Jitsu were the most successful Thai sports, winning two gold medals each.

All major events were telecast live to the Kingdom of Thailand and certainly, the National Sport of Muaythai saw breaking record numbers.

The Governor of the Sports Authority of Thailand Dr. Gongsak Yodmani, the Deputy Governor Mr. Prachoom Boontiam the National Sports Development Fund manager Ms. Supranee Guptasa were all in Birmingham to support the official teams recognised by the Sports Authority of Thailand.

The Governor and Ms. Supranee also took the opportunity to go behind the scenes and meet the athletes. The government certainly came to encourage the national Thai team but also took the opportunity and time to speak to many other teams to discuss the situation of muaythai in their countries and again gave them the full commitment of Thailand.

A special honour was also given to Ms. Supranee Guptasa National Sports Development Fund Manager and Deputy Governor Mr. Prachoom Boontiam to present medals at the medal ceremonies.

Thank you to the Sport Authority of Thailand and the National Sports Development Fund for supporting The World Games 2022.