The SportAccord and GAISF President, Rafaelle Chiulli, made the keynote address at the 2020 IFMA General Assembly bringing his best wishes from the GAISF and SportAccord Family. President Chiulli further stated that IFMA has done exceptional work especially during the pandemic with the #MuaythaiConnects campaign keeping the IFMA family connected worldwide through the promotion of an active and healthy lifestyle and with the first ever IFMA Virtual World Championships which saw over 30,000 participants.


President Chiulli further stated, “IFMA is a respectable and visible member of the ARISF Family.” He praised IFMA especially for the Youth development and social initiatives.


IFMA President, Tapsuwan, thanked the GAISF and SportAccord President for his leadership during these challenging times.


We all hope that we see each other physically soon on the Field of Plays around the world.