Fatima Pinto, Davide Carlot and Anatoly Simonchik are the newest editions to the IFMA executive board. The IFMA executive board elected 3 new members in the by-election in Jönköping, Sweden, in which Fatima Pinto, the former IFMA World Champion and winner of the gold medal at the World Combat Games and now president of the Norwegian Muaythai Federation, has been elected as an IFMA executive board member.

It shows again, the importance of former IFMA athletes to continue to contribute to muaythai as role models for the next generation. Davide Carlot, the president of the Italian Muaythai Federation and Anatoly Simonchik, vice president of Belarus, got elected to the IFMA executive board as well. Congratulations to all new IFMA executive board members!

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