Day 5 saw two favourites from the Thai team sent home. In the 67kg division, Belarusian super star, Andrei Kulebin sent home Dee Teerapong and in the 71kg division, Kem (Pakcotakang Surasak) went home after an incredible upset by Vital Hurkou, also from Belarus. However, Thailand has still made their way to the finals in the 48kg (Sirakam Manus), 51kg (Radsarong Sonsiri), 54kg (Wongsa Preecha), 57kg (Kanpricha Channarong), and 60kg (Thoetkiat Suwat) divisions.

Ukraine again showed their world class by making it to the finals in 57kg (Trishyn Konstyantyn), 60kg (Vasylioglo Mykhailo) and 63.5kg (Igor Liubchenko).

Germany made it in the 67kg division (Juri Kehl). The Russians are through in 71kg (Magomedev Zaynalabid), 75kg (Konstantin Khuzin), 81kg (Artem Levin) and 86kg (Artem Vakhitov).

Belgium is through in the 81kg (Marc de Bonte), and Estonia will be in the showdown for the 91+kg (Andrei Bokan).

In the Female division, the finals will be the following:

45kg Belarus (Alena Liashkevich) vs. Finland (Kati Kaareskoski)

48kg Belarus (Liudmila Chyslova) vs Russia (Anastasiya Shcherbinina)

54kg Canada (Ashley Nichols) vs Germany (Yasemin Colak)

57kg France (Katia Semail) vs Poland (Emma Thyni)

60kg Belarus (Katsiaryna Viaryha) vs Peru (Valentina Shevchenko)

63.5kg Australia (Melissa Walsh) vs Sweden (Lina Lnsberg)

The Female division also saw a day full of upsets. European champion Madeleine Vall of Sweden lost against Belarusian Katsiaryna Viaryha, and Lindsay Scheer (USA) lost against Australian champion Melissa Walsh, in what was probably one of the hardest fights of the competition.

Lina Länsberg from Sweden beat Sarah Shila Langwagen from Denmark in the Scandinavian battle.

Tomorrow will be the final day for Junior Division, Female Division and the Male World Cup division.