Play True Day is an initiative led by WADA that aims to raise awareness of the importance of clean sport and the fight against doping. It serves as a reminder of the shared commitment among athletes, sports organizations, and stakeholders worldwide to uphold the values of integrity, honesty, and fair play.

This year, the International Federation of Muaythai Associations (IFMA) is proud to join forces with WADA and other global partners to celebrate Play True Day. Together, we will amplify our efforts to promote clean sport and inspire athletes of all levels to compete with honor and integrity.

We encourage all our stakeholders, including athletes, coaches, officials, national federations, and anti-doping organizations, to actively participate in Play True Day 2024. Whether through educational initiatives, social media campaigns, or community events, your involvement is crucial in spreading the message of clean sport and deterring doping practices.

Stay tuned for more information on how you can get involved and contribute to the success of Play True Day 2024. Let’s unite in our commitment to uphold the principles of fair play and integrity in Muaythai and beyond.

Save the date – April 19th – and join us in celebrating WADA Play True Day 2024!