As many of you know, July 18th was Nelson Mandela’s birthday. The WMC and IFMA member SAAMF celebrated this momentous day with the 67 Minute “KICK THE HABIT” Muaythai Challenge. Three of the federation’s development Muaythai champions kicked pads for the entire 67 minutes to help raise funds for the Muaythai Against Drugs Foundation, to which they belong.

The three boys, Akhona Mngibisa aged 18 (South African Middleweight Champion), Mkhululi Mlanjeni aged 15 (South African Flyweight Champion) & Monwabisi Qampa aged 12, managed a grand total of 7756 kicks and managed to raise R15 000 for the Muaythai Against Drugs Foundation.

We would like to thank the three boys for their hard work, as well as everyone who came to help with support and hold pads for them. SAAMF in particular would also like to thank Knead Bakery for supplying the boys with some of the best healthy baked foods to keep them going, and last but not least, Ryan Berkowitz, Jannie Schoeman, PSS, McCarthy’s Auto Trimmers & Schekters Organic Energy Drink, for their financial & product contributions.

“Wow, these kids made my heart pump! Seeing them give their all for the full 67 minutes without stopping just reminds me more as to why I set up and run the Muaythai Against Drugs Foundation”  Sifu Kru Quentin ‘Dragon’ Chong – Director of the Muaythai Against Drugs Foundation South Africa.

This will be an annual event in South Africa from now on, and we challenge all of you out there, corporate or private, to get involved and help us make these kids’ dreams come true.