The national team of Russia is one of the largest teams and one of the top five in numbers of junior attendance and the youngest team of the Royal World Cup so far.

Russian Muaythai Federation fully solely recognized by National Olympic Committee and Youth Ministry is one of the IFMA founding members and one of the strongest at the IFMA competitions as well as all multisport games.

Russia has been the host of the very successful World Championship in 2012 and the World Combat Games under patronage of the IOC in 2013 in which team Russia won the team first place and muaythai had 28 million viewers on the final day.

Russia always has been one of the outstanding countries especially in junior and female development and building the sport from the grassroots have paid off for Russian muaythai.

Excellence in life and in sport is one of the IFMA fundaments together with fairplay and friendship.  Russian junior coach Vitaly Manchur stated that cultural exchange combined with sporting competition and making friends is the element of any IFMA muaythai event and Russia is looking for not only the competition but also the social initiatives during the event and applauds  IFMA on the Muaythai  Kids Club and cultural activities.

Bringing home fame and glory certainly plays an equal part and the fact that His Royal Highness the Crown Prince and Her Highness the Princess have donated the trophies for the Junior competition shows the importance for the Kingdom to welcome all the youngsters from 102 countries