The 2023 Senior European Championships came to a thrilling close after witnessing a fierce battle of strength, skill, and strategy.

The final day concluded with an adrenaline-pumping women’s finals which saw an exhilarating showcase of talent, skill, and sportsmanship. In the S Female Elite -45kg division, Neutral Athlete Alena Liashkevich bagged the gold. Hanna Avakova from Ukraine settled for silver, while Turkiye’s Gamze Yalcin and Individual Neutral Athlete Vera Negodina took home the two bronze medals, respectively.

The S Female Elite -48kg saw Jovena Penol from Finland clinching the gold medal, while Ukraine’s Anastasiia Mykhailenko won silver. The bronze medals were awarded to Charissa Jaleesa Marx from the Netherlands and Neutral Athlete Vera Saniukovich.

In the S Female Elite -51kg division, Roksana Dargiel from Poland won the gold medal. Filipa Correia from Portugal grabbed the silver, and the bronze medals went to Individual Neutral Athlete Anna Safeeva and Zita Méhész from Hungary.

In the S Female Elite -54kg division, Turkiye’s Ezgi Keles emerged as the champion, bagging the gold. Hungary’s Anna Szekely secured the silver, while Germany’s Lucile Kappi and Noemi Romano from Italy celebrated their bronze medal victories.

In the -57kg division, Finland’s Miina Sirkeoja clinched the silver medal, with Italy’s Chiara Maria Regonesi and the Individual Neutral Athlete Daria Vidiagina grabbing the bronze.

In the -60kg category, Turkey’s Kubra Kocakus emerged victorious, bagging the gold, while the silver went to the Individual Neutral Athlete Veronika Lapshina. Sweden’s Frida Lindberg and Austria’s Stella Hemetsberger each received a bronze.

In the -63.5kg class, France’s Lea Fouchier won the gold medal, and Turkey’s Bediha Tacyildiz took home the silver. Finland’s Ommi Mingsupphakun and the Czech Republic’s Tereza Štechová earned the bronze medals.

The -67kg division saw the Individual Neutral Athlete Anastasiia Nepianidi securing gold, and Turkey’s Cemile Aykoc took the silver. Portugal’s Maria Mariani and an Individual Neutral Athlete, Volha Zhurauskaya, won the bronze.

In the -71kg division, it was Finland’s Emma Nurmi who took the top spot, with the Individual Neutral Athlete Ekaterina Bezhan grabbing the silver. Sweden’s Anna Strandberg and Turkey’s Oznur Caner ŞENGEL each secured a bronze medal.

The -75kg category saw Croatia’s Helena Jurišić take gold and the Individual Neutral Athlete Iuliia Shokhina win silver. Turkey’s Büşra Beyazbal and Italy’s Daniela Melluccio each claimed a bronze medal.

Finally, in the +75kg division, the Individual Neutral Athlete Dziyana Yemialyanava won the gold, with Croatia’s Ana Bajić taking the silver. Turkey’s Gulden Mercan Atille took home the bronze.

Throughout all 11 divisions, the 2023 Senior European Championships exhibited a diverse array of powerful performances from women athletes across Europe.

The 2023 Senior European Championships held in Antalya, Turkiye, were the stage for thrilling finals in the Men’s divisions. The electrifying competition saw athletes from various countries vie for the coveted titles.

In the Men’s Elite-48kg division, Salih Samet Oruc from Turkiye showed outstanding performance, securing the Gold medal. Amurlen Tugurov, Individual Neutral Athlete won the Silver in the same division. In the Men’s Elite-51kg category, Neutral Athlete Kirill Chizhik bagged the Gold. Turkiye’s Seyh Samil Omer Calhan showcased excellent skills, earning a well-deserved Silver in this division.

In the -54kg category, Ukraine’s Mykhailo Serdiuk claimed Gold, while Individual Neutral Athlete Magomedkamil Magomedbashirov secured Silver. Germany’s Leon Balbach and Turkiye’s Mecit Yusuf Çoskun each procured a Bronze medal.

The -57kg division saw Dmytro Shelesko from Ukraine bagging Gold, Individual Neutral Athlete Egor Bikrev taking Silver, and Abdussamet Ugurlu from Turkiye as well as Narek Khachikyan from Armenia earning Bronze medals.

In the -60kg category, Khayal Aliyev from Azerbaijan emerged as the champion with Gold, followed by Mazhid Temaev, an Individual Neutral Athlete, receiving Silver. Individual Neutral Athlete Daniil Yermolenka and Umut Başar Karabulut from Turkiye each took home a Bronze medal.

The -63.5kg division was dominated by Individual Neutral Athlete Maksim Miasnikov, who clinched Gold, with László István Kurdy from Hungary securing Silver. Ali Aliyev from Azerbaijan and Individual Neutral Athlete Mikhail Yakimovich each received Bronze medals.

In the -67kg division, Oskar S. from Poland took Gold, Petros Saho from Greece captured Silver, and Abdelrahmane Rezzag from France along with Muhammed Karayilan from Turkiye were awarded Bronze.

Over in the -71kg category, Individual Neutral Athlete Vladimir Tulaev emerged victorious with Gold, Oleksandr Yefimenko from Ukraine claimed Silver, and Adrian Gunia from Poland and Individual Neutral Athlete Siamion Stupakevich took Bronze medals each.

In the S Male Elite -75kg division, Aleksandr Ulianitskii, an Individual Neutral Athlete, won the Gold medal while Mateusz Rozak of Poland clinched Silver. Athletes from France and Ukraine, Madjid Amarouch, and Volodymyr Artemenko respectively, jointly claimed the Bronze.

The S Male Elite -81kg division witnessed Yehor Skurikhin of Ukraine taking the Gold and Nejat Derin of Turkiye winning Silver. The Bronze medals were secured by Juraj Tutura from Slovakia and Marcus Sundin Liljedorff from Sweden.

In the S Male Elite -86kg division, Andreas Lilliecrona from Sweden claimed Gold, followed by another Individual Neutral Athlete, Yakhia Ibragimov taking Silver. The Bronze was shared by Boban Ilioski from North Macedonia and Vito Košar from Croatia.

In the S Male Elite -91kg division, Gold was taken by Oleh Pryimachov from Ukraine, with Ahmet Coban from Turkiye securing Silver. Ivan Bertić from Croatia and Kyriakos Bakirtzis from Greece were awarded the Bronze medals.

Finally, in the S Male Elite +91kg division, the Gold went to Ivan Petrenko, an Individual Neutral Athlete, with Silver taken by Amine Kebir from France. Bronze medals were awarded to David Pokorný from the Czech Republic and Jan Pelak from Poland.

These intense matches proved the resilience, skill, and determination of these athletes, contributing to a memorable championship.

At the conclusion of the tournaments, the final medal tally was dominated by three nations, exhibiting exemplary performances. Ukraine emerged as the top contender with a remarkable 60% win ratio, amassing an impressive collection of 4 gold, 3 silver, and 1 bronze medal. Their athletes’ exceptional skills and dedication to their sport were evident in every match. Right behind Ukraine, with a 44% win ratio, was Turkiye. They secured a total of 3 gold, 5 silver, and 8 bronze medals, reflecting the strength and depth of their team. Finally, taking the third spot on the podium was Poland, boasting a 58% win ratio. Their medal haul included 2 golds, 1 silver, and 2 bronze medals, marking a successful campaign for the country in this year’s Championships.

For the full results of the 2023 Senior European Championships, and to get a closer look at the exceptional skills and performances that marked this year’s tournaments, please visit the official IFMA Live page here.

The medal ceremonies at the conclusion of the 2023 Senior European Championships were moments of high emotion and immense pride. The athletes, donned in their national colors, ascended the podium to the thunderous applause of the audience, their faces beaming with joy. Gold medalists stood tall, their national anthems playing in the background, creating an atmosphere of solemn pride and unity. The silver and bronze medalists also received their recognition, standing alongside the winners as a testament to their determination, grit, and exceptional talent. The ceremonies were not only a celebration of victories but also a salute to the spirit of sportsmanship and camaraderie that permeated the Championships.