As the date of the World Games changed to  7–17 July 2022 IFMA joined the IWGA members in full support to delaying The World Games, and the joint decision of the IWGA and BOC Boards to adopt these new dates was unanimously approved by the federations in a video conference.

This Q & A has been designed to provide current answers to questions related to the postponement of The World Games from 2021. It will continue to be updated in order to take into account the changing nature of the situation. 

Below questions were highlighted:

When will the next edition of The World Games be staged?

What exactly triggered the postponement?

Does the new date affect The World Games 2025 in Chengdu?

Do The World Games 2021 need to be adjusted after the postponement to 2022?

And many more. See the full Q&A at the website of the IWGA.