As the countdown towards the 2010 IFMA World Championships has gone below 1 month, the expectations are growing. About a-hundred countries are estimated to be participating to this event organized in honour of His Majesty the King of Thailand’s 83rd birthday.

It will be the biggest IFMA Championships ever, taking place at the MCC Hall Bangkapi Mall, in Bangkok. It will consist of eight days of competitions, with a-hundred exciting fights per day.

Throughout the World Championship the 5th edition of Muaythai Expo and Sport fayre will take place, with forty-two sport companies, promoters and gyms participating. A seven days Muaythai Khan Conference will also run, counting sixteen countries getting together to standardizes the World Grading Muaythai Programme.

Other meetings in the agenda include Continental meetings of the Federation, the IFMA world executive board meeting and annual general meeting, and the Muaythai gala charity night.

A grand finale is expected for the finals being held at Sanam Luang with over a-hundred-thousand spectators attending.