The 15 Olympic and non-Olympic Martial Arts are in full preparation for the upcoming World Combat Games in Saint Petersburg.

Sportaccord, the Russian Union of Martial Arts, the Government of the Russian Federation, and the Russian Olympic Committee are jointly inviting all media representatives of the international federations for a press conference which will take place on Monday, 22 October in Moscow.

The SportAccord release states:

“A parallel press conference will take place in Saint-Petersburg – the host city of the next World Combat Games.

Both press conferences will be connected online via telebridge so that all speakers and attendees can watch what is happening in real time and take part in the course of the event.

The press conference will include discussion about the issues of organising and holding this major multi-sports event in the field of combat sports. The schedule of competitions in 15 Olympic and non-Olympic sports featured in the event’s programme will be presented. Also the sports facilities where World Combat Games will be held from 16-28 October 2013 will be presented.”

Attendees at the press conference will include:

Hein Verbruggen – President of SportAccord

Trutnev Yury Petrovich – Co-Chairman of the Russian Union of Martial Arts, Assistant to President of the Russian Federation, holder of the 5th dan in kyokushinkai karate

Kirienko Sergey Vladilenovich – Co-Chairman of the Russian Union of Martial Arts, General Director of the Federal Atomic Energy Agency “Rosatom”, holder of the 3rd dan in aikido aikikai

Avdeev Yury Vasilievich – Chairman of the St. Petersburg Physical Education and Sports Committee

Kolobkov Pavel Anatolievich – Deputy Minister of Sport of the Russian Federation, Olympic Champion