Muaythai federations in Poland, Portugal and Italy have joined forces in cooperation for a European Union project on youth sports.

The Erasmus + project is an EU programme in the fields of education and courses for teenagers with funding for the years 2014 – 2020. Erasmus+ is based on accomplishments of other European programmes which were held during the last 25 years.

The partnership of the Polish, Italian, and Portuguese Muaythai Federations is a collaboration in the interest of improvement and increasing the quality of working with youth in a sport discipline which is Muaythai.

All three partner countries are among the leaders in the youth development in Europe having multiple social programmes for young athletes. Their combined application for Erasmus + is a logical step in taking youth Muaythai in Europe to the next level. The events have a great potential for participants where muaythai is developing and establishing itself among recognised sports with Erasmus+ fully financing the project.


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