Aiming for the best, IFMA has been working for a long time to develop a Modern Educational System for athletes, coaches, managers, and even entourage. The system is based on different levels of proficiency for everyone according to their experience and acquired skills. OSM does not discuss technical aspects of Muaythai only, it includes many courses in different domains.

Other than Mai Muay, Luk Muay, Wai Kru, and Ram Muay, OSM discusses Anti-Doping, Fitness, Physiology, Psychology, Sports Injuries, Nutrition, Ethics, Safe Guarding, and even History. The system is divided into two modules for each course, a theoretical module and a practical module. The modules are delivered by educators and Ajrans that are at the top tier in their domains. At the end of the courses, all participants will be officially certified as IFMA official coaches, managers, or ranked athletes.

The IFMA Cultural & Heritage commission estbalised to protect the cultural roots of muaythai, is made up of leding Thai masters to deliver practical and theoretical modules in their fields. For the other topics, academic speakers are invited from IFMA’s partners such as WADA, ITA, IOC  among many other organisations that recognise IFMA.

In collaboration with WADA, IFMA requested all coaches and athletes to take the ADEL online courses are complementary requisites for the OSM certificate.

OSM is a continuous educational system divided into specific training tracks and timelines. The L1 certificate will be the first introductory level, L2 is the intermediate level, and the L3 will be for experts.


After launching the first edition during the world championship 2022 in Abu Dhabi with more than fifty-five coaches from all around the continents, UAE Muaythai Federation, as a progressive federation will be hosting the first OSM hybrid courses for this year on March 3-6 2023 during the Arab Muaythai Championship – Abu Dhabi.

IFMA under the directions of Secretary General Stephan Fox and Director General Charissa Tynan is planning for more than 20 OSM seminars to be held during different events and on different continents in order to spread the education needed for our sport.

OSM is the way of progress through education.