IFMA follows a strict Code of Ethics and every member, regardless of what position or function, are a part of the IFMA tree and must obey accordingly. Respect for the IFMA Code of Ethics is paramount and disobedience bares consequences regardless of the position of the individual.

IFMA has appointed Miss Caroline Baxter Tresise who is currently working for UNESCO to chair this commission for the next two years. IFMA analyses any and all complaints and aligns its ethical principles with the Olympic Charter and values.

The whistleblower box and the IFMA website are important tools by which to report any suspicions, wrongdoings or otherwise. As a matter of good governance, it is important that this position is not occupied by a person with any position within our national federations.

We believe that having Miss Baxter Tresise onboard, through her years of experience, is the ideal choice. The Muaythai world would like to congratulate her in this most important position for IFMA to ensure that we continue to promote and regulate our key principles and fundamental foundations by adhering to a strict Code of Ethics.