Nai Khanom Tom Day

March 17 is Nai Khanom Tom day. This auspicious event usually takes place in the old capital city of Thailand, Ayutthaya. This day pays homage to the late Nai Khanom Tom, a legendary Thai warrior who competed against 10 opponents and won all of them using the art of the eight limbs. His strength and power of will became motivation for many current champions who are inspired by this legendary warrior.

Modern-day muaythai honours its heroes and thousands of muaythai practitioners from around the world arrive at the city of Ayutthaya to be part of the celebration which includes an important Wai Kru ceremony with many high ranking muaythai practitioners in attendance. A full day of activities, exhibitions and spectacular muaythai became one of the must-see events in Thailand.

Due to the pandemic, the event has been cancelled but let’s take a look at celebrations of some of the best years.

Happy Nai Khanom Tom Day from the IFMA Family. Today we celebrate Nai Khanom Tom’s best attributes, his indomitable will to win for an honour other than his own and the willingness to face any odds in defence of the fighting art. Above all, we celebrate the belief that all muaythai warriors have in their martial art – the belief that nothing can stand against it except itself. It’s a belief that has been proven right again and again. Muaythai will never die.