Greece is a country so rich in history. We the youth of Greece are proud of our history, our legends, our country and that we are the birthplace of the ancient Olympic Games. Did you know that the first recorded Olympic Games took place in Olympia in 776 BC?

For us, Olympia will always be the birthplace of the Olympic Games with all its history, temples and statues built in honor of Zeus. As yesterday, as it is today, the Olympic Games in Greece stood for spirituality and united nations. During times of war and battle, differences were put aside so that everyone could live in peace, to travel to and from the Olympics safely.

This Olympic Spirit lives on and muaythai today is fully recognized by the Olympics and for this we are proud. Proud as Greeks, proud as part of the IFMA world muaythai family. Our five pillars of respect, honor, tradition, excellence and fair play remain the foundation of Olympia over 2000 years ago until today.

We are muaythai and we are Greek warriors.  

Today we connect with Athletes and Youth of Greece: