Challenges create opportunities and to ensure that the IFMA youth stay physically and mentally active, IFMA has developed the #MuaythaiConnects initiative for all ages and levels.

It is about engaging, fostering and promoting muaythai as a cultural art form. Showcasing the Wai Kru competitions, the Art of 8 Limbs through Shadow Boxing and Pad Work and leaving a positive message towards inclusion and non-discrimination.

The IFMA youth have done outstanding work to promote the art and sport of muaythai, their own home countries and cultures and connecting with the youth across the world. The effort that the athletes have put into the videos have been just unreal. Some of the videos look like vacation destination videos like Trinidad and Tobago’s Crystal Mahabar’s Wai Kru or Montenegro’s Milos Toskovic’s pad work and the athletes have hit the mark in capturing the very heart of their culture, the physical beauty of their home countries and what’s even more amazing is that every athlete who has participated has been able to share their world, their home with the IFMA World Muaythai Family.

The beauty of this campaign is that even though the pandemic has put things at a standstill for physical competition, it makes it possible for countries who still need to develop muaythai and their athletes, to train, hone and sharpen their skills. Platforms like the #MuaythaiConnects and the Virtual Championships allow this to happen and although the current state of the world requires social distancing, virtually we have become more inclusive and #strongertogether.

Over the last 4 weeks countless videos have been produced. Some of them have had record reach. By example, young 6 year old Vasilia from Estonia with over 5 million views. A total of over 30 million viewers which showcases the popularity of the sport of muaythai and the skills of the next generation.

These numbers will grow drastically over the next weeks to come towards the finals. Congratulations to you and let’s have a look again at the current leader, 6 year old Vasilia Tatarnikova from Leader Muaythai Gym.

Thank you to the athletes for your videos, your mastery of the 8 limbs through shadow boxing and padwork, the beautiful cultural elements of the Wai Kru and importantly, especially during these most difficult times, thank you for uplifting us with the thoughtful and inspirational messages from the athletes and youth, like those from the youth of Palestine, our Young Hero, Bassam Murthasa and his family, Trinidad and Tobago’s Arianna Reuben and of course, the youth of Greece, Bangladesh and India who have truly been the light during these trying times.

Stay tuned for the top 10!



By: Janice Lyn, Chair of IFMA Athletes Commission