Ananindeua -Pará (north Brazil) has seen a beautiful day with demonstration of muaythai which attracted kids from around the region to meet coaches of IFMA member in Brazil, find new friends, and make contribution for their health and fitness.

Mr Agnaldo, representative of the Brazilian Muaythai Federation, and his team from AS Combat were invited by CAPSI – Centro de Apoio Psicosocial Infanto Juvenil – to introduce muaythai at Children Day for all kids that are part of this program of social inclusion.
Mr Agnaldo Silva and his students have developed a programme of special classes for kids and the youth using muaythai for fitness and promote health.
Pará is on of the strongest regions covered by Confederação Brasileira de Muaythai Tradicional (CBMTT) in terms of development of the youth muaythai with CBMTT having one of the strongest promotions of the IFMA social campagn Sport Is Your Gang ran mostly by volunteers from CBMTT supported by the Evangelical Church and City Hall Council.