ICON Siam hosted a world press conference, announcing the “Soft Power of Muaythai” initiative by the Royal Thai Government, with the Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Tourism and Sports, Sport Authority of Thailand, and National Sports Development Fund.

The Royal Thai Government showed their pride that muaythai has been not only recognized by the international Olympic Committee, the Olympic Council of Asia, the European Olympic Committee, the African Sports Union, but that there are over 150 recognized world federations promoting muaythai as a way of life. Through muaythai, ancient values and traditions have been passed down and have become a way of life around the world.

The IFMA President Dr Sakchye welcomed the press and gave detailed information on all important muaythai activities held around the world. The inclusion of muaythai in the European Olympic Games, the success of the World Combat Games, the re-inclusion of muaythai in the World Games, and the important cooperation between the two recognised national federations in Thailand, AMTAT and PAT, with IFMA focusing on inclusion and safety.

The President of AIMS and UTS, Mr. Stephan Fox, was invited to speak on the diplomatic power of sport and muaythai and how muaythai has contributed to making a positive impact towards a better world.