The IFMA Team Managers Meeting took place at the Saudi Olympic Complex in Riyadh where over 33 countries and neutral countries were in attendance. The Team Manager Meeting was led by IFMA Technical Delegate of the World Combat Games, Dato Shahnaz Azmi, Head ITO, Gunter Plank, Member of the Culture and Heritage Commission, Ajahn Sawaeng, Vice Chair of the Education Commission, Ryan Rudkin and IFMA Director General, Charissa Tynan.

Dato Shahnaz welcomed the delegations to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and highlighted the importance of placing athlete health and safety at the center of the games especially with the introduction of the new special Super 4 format where athletes are given a second chance even if they fall short in the first round.

Head ITO Gunter Plank outlined key points regarding the rules and regulations on and off the field of play highlighting the spirit of fair play and clean sport.

Culture and Heritage Commission Member Ajahn Sawaeng reviewed the importance of upholding the traditions of muaythai with athletes performing the wai kru prior to their competition.

The meeting ended with the draw of the brackets for the Super 4 competition with 7 male and 7 female brackets revealed promoting full gender equality.

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