Many opportunities coming up for the IFMA athletes around the word with over 400 events in the planning until the year end. This will include national championships, university championships and youth championships in all five continents.



Major events on the IFMA calendar will be the official World Championships in Jonkoping, Sweden from 19th to 29th of May which will also be the official qualifier for 2017 World Games under patronage of IOC.

27th of August to 1st September will see the Youth World Championships held in Bangkok.
3rd to 7th August will see the Master Games in Korea while 24th of September to 3rd of October will see the Asian Beach Games in Vietnam and October and November will also be continental championships with the European Championships held in Croatia, African in Morocco, Pan-American in Mexico.

Asian Beach Games 5th2
Kazan will see the world qualifier for the World Games from 13th to 20th November. There are many other events where IFMA will be participating also for cultural exchange.

IFMA President, Dr Sakchye Tapsuwan stated that muaythai truly is a world recognised international sport and IFMA has established an international calendar to ensure that all athletes have equal opportunities to participate in the 2017 World Games in Poland.