Muaythai athletes at the Walk For a Million

Every year Macau society comes together to fundraise for deserving charities through a 5km walk, and this year the participants at the Asian Championships joined them. 

Sunday was a rest day for the athletes. So anyone who was no longer competing or felt up to it could join in. An estimated 40 000 walkers lined the harbour, taking hours to pass along the route.

The walk is organised by the Sports Olympic Committee of Macau, China and the Sports Bureau, co-organized by the Youth Committee of Sports Olympic Committee of Macau, with support from the Judiciary Police, the Education and Youth Affairs Bureau, Macao Federation of Trade Unions, the Women’s General Association of Macau, and the General Union of Neighbourhood Associations of Macau.

The athletes were grateful to the Macao Muaythai Association for arranging that the sports group walked close to the head of the massive line of walkers, it was a great honour to lead part of the exercise.

Music and even a school orchestra entertained the walkers along the way. The muaythai athletes were delighted to see demonstrations of Kung Fu as well.

The group was led out by president of the Macau Muaythai Association Mr Wu Wei Keung. He was accompanied by IFMA senior members Dr Sakchye Tapsuwan, Mr Kajorn Prowsee and general secretary Stephan Fox.

All entry fees from the walkers and the price of any refreshments bought along the trail are given direct to charity. So no-one objected to the early mórning start in such a good cause.

Along the way many athletes posed for photos with each other, and their opponents. It was also a great chance to see the beautiful harbour, and the fascinating mix between Chinese and Portuguese cultures along the way.

See more photographs from the morning on the IFMA Facebook page.