The Turkish city of Samsun has replaced Ekaterinburg (Russia) for the organisation of the 2022 FISU University World Cup Combat Sports, scheduled from 21 to 30 September.

Turkey hosted the 2005 Summer Universiade and the 2011 Winter Universiade so they are very familiar with large FISU competitions.

Muaythai is one of the six combat sports included in the games next to Wrestling, Karate, Wushu, Sambo and Boxing.

The sport programme at a glance:

Boxing : 25 to 30 September

Karate : 27 to 30 September

Muaythai : 22 to 28 September

Sambo : 21 to 23 September

Wrestling : 26 to 30 September

Wushu : 21 to 24 September


The FISU Online Accreditation System will be open from the 18th of May 2022.

Universities are encouraged to register as soon as possible to the different events.

The IFMA Director-General, Charissa Tynan stated that IFMA is proud to be a full member of the FISU family and Thailand hosted the very successful Muaythai FISU World Championships in 2018.

Turkey is one of IFMA’s leading National Federations which hosted the successful Youth World Championships, the European Championships, and is one of the countries with the largest amount of registered student athletes.

The event will not just see muaythai as a competition sport but also the promotion of muaythai as a cultural art with Wai Khru and Mae Mai Muaythai being part of the event.

IFMA will also host a world Universiade One Standard Muaythai conference to continue to promote muaythai at the university level.