With exactly two years to go to the opening ceremony of The World Games 2022, a detailed Sports Programme for the official sports, including disciplines and events, has been published.

IFMA President stated, muaythai is looking forward towards The World Games 2022 and IFMA is proud to be part of The World Games. It is a fantastic platform, and all five sports which have been included in Tokyo 2021 have come through the World Games platform. 

The Chair of IFMA Athletes Commission Janice Lyn stated in 2017 eleven weight categories have been in the official sports programme and since than through the hard work and IFMA Gender Equality policy IFMA reached 50/50 gender ratio and the World Games honoured muaythai by adding another division making muaythai full gender equal at 2022 World Games. 

2017 World Games was a highlight in IFMA event calendar and hundreds of athletes are looking forward to a chance to qualify for the 2022 edition!

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