The world’s leading tradeshow for fitness and health took place in one of the most thriving cities in Germany, Cologne.

Muaythai under IFMA’s German national federation, MTBD, was one of the hits at FIBO in the designated Muaythai area, the main stage and around the competition.

MTBD President Detlef Turnau, stated, “This was an overwhelming success and went far beyond any expectations, taking muaythai to another level.”

Jens Wilke, IFMA ITO, stated, “All aspects of muaythai was presented from traditional roots, Wai Kru, Muay Boran, muaythai for fitness and certainly muaythai competition from the grassroots to the elite. This has been another important investment for muaythai especially in Germany as after IOC recognition and inclusion of muaythai in the European Games, the future looks very bright in Europe.”