YWC2016_Muay Boran Competition

Muay Boran, the ancient form of Muaythai plays an integral role in Thai culture and history and is still admired by many as a beautiful art form. This traditional martial art plays an important part as one of the disciplines for Muaythai competitions. Alongside Wai Kru and Muay Aerobic this year’s Youth World Championships saw amazing teams performing in the Muay Boran competition with the under 13 competition coming down to a close decision between Thailand, Peru , Poland and Italy and with the support of the cheering crowd it was Thailand who took the win. In the over 13 it was even closer with Thailand, Malaysia and Iraq all going into the final.
It was team Malaysia that stunned the whole venue by winning the gold medal and showcasing that Muay Boran is now truly international and with Iraq winning the silver medal and Thailand taking Bronze, this was further highlighted.
YWC_Best Muay Boran
Congratulations to all the participating teams and all in the Muaythai world are looking forward to the 2017 world championships.