Mexican referees at the National Championships 2017

It was national muaythai championships time for Mexico recently and they put on a real show for the crowds.

Athletes from 22 states around this huge country travelled to take part in the event, bringing in total 248 for competition. The federation – Federación Mexicana de Muaythai – FEMEM – also organised an all-day referee course.

In 2018 Mexico will host the IFMA World Championships. This is the first time the Championships is travelling to the Pan-American region, and that is certainly adding an extra spice to all events in Mexico this year.

Mexican muaythai athletes travelled to Belarus in May this year for the championships, and are now preparing their Youth Team for the IFMA YWC in August.

Ruben Josue Cruz Aleman, Mexico

Athlete Ruben Josue Cruz Aleman spoke to IFMA during the 2017 World Championships, saying: ‘Now this is my second IFMA championships, and muaythai is a way for me to travel as well as sport. We compete all over Mexico and sometimes other countries. I don’t think I could come somewhere like Belarus without muaythai.

‘Muaythai is really growing for us, people at home know what we do now. They love the Wai Khru, it’s so different to what other combat sports do in my country.’